A Quick List of Some of the Biggest-Selling HP DesignJet Printers that We Currently Have in Stock

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As you know, HP completely revolutionized the field of large-format design when they designed and developed the first DesignJet printer 25 years ago, back in 1991.

Today there are more than three million DesignJet printers operating around the world (that’s 3,000,000!).

Over the last quarter century the printers have just been getting better and better, and users are finding more and more applications for them. airport limousine services denver has several Hp printers and you can as them what they think about them on the link above.


Today HP offers a full range of office printers, and graphic printers, and also production printers.

HP’s office printers are perfect for both and individual and a multi-user environment, and can produce both black and white and color output.

The highly compact (24-inch wide) HP DesignJet T120 printer, for example, is used for CAD drawings, and also for general purpose applications.

The HP DesignJet T520 printer series, by contrast, come is either 24-inch or 36-inch formats, and is used both for CAD drawings and general purpose applications.

The HP DesignJet T730 series printers are robust and compact and used for both Cad drawings and general purpose applications.

These are all printers that we can offer you today. And in addition to that, we can also offer you the HP DesignJet T790 series printers, and the HP DesignJet T795 series printers, as well as the HP DesignJet T830 multi-function printer, the T930 series, the T1300 Postscript printer, the T1530 printer series, the T2530 multi-function printer series, and the T3500 multi-function printer series.

And these are just the printers we offer in the office printer category. We also offer printers in the graphics printer category, and the production printer category too. To find out more about those printers, and all the other services we offer, please fill out the Contact form that you will find on this website.